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اطلاعیه فروشگاه

عزیزان جهت سفارش و درخواست مجله و مطلب خاصی در قسمت درخواست پشتیبانی عنوان فرمایید تا در اسرع وقت در فروشگاه قرار داده شود. در قسمت گفتگوی زنده با پشتیبانی و یا ارتباط تلگرام با آیدی book4shop@ با تشکر

كامل ترين كتاب تخصصي آیرودینامیک ناپایدار، ایروآکوستیک و هواکشسانی ماشین آلات توربو

كامل ترين كتاب تخصصي  آیرودینامیک ناپایدار، ایروآکوستیک و هواکشسانی ماشین آلات توربو

كامل ترين كتاب تخصصي  آیرودینامیک ناپایدار، ایروآکوستیک
و هواکشسانی ماشین آلات توربو

 (حدود 600 صفحه)


فهرست مطالب



Part I Flutter

Flutter Boundaries for Pairs of Low

Pressure Turbine Blades 3

Roque Corral, Nélida Cerezal, and Cárlos Vasco

Influence of a Vibration Amplitude Distribution on the Aerodynamic

Stability of a Low-Pressure Turbine Sectored Vane 17

Olga V. Chernysheva, Torsten H. Fransson, Robert E. Kielb, and John Barter

A Method to Assess Flutter Stability of Complex Modes 31

Andrea Arnone, Francesco Poli, and Claudia Schipani

Flutter Design of Low Pressure

Symmetric Modes 41

Robert Kielb, John Barter, Olga Chernysheva and Torsten Fransson

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of 2D Palisade

Flutter for the Harmonic Oscillations 53

Vladymir Tsimbalyuk, Anatoly Zinkovskii, Vitaly Gnesin


Romuald Rzadkowski, Jacek Sokolowski

Possibility of Active Cascade Flutter Control with Smart Structure

in Transonic Flow Condition 65

Turbine Blades with Cyclic

Junichi Kazawa, and Toshinori Watanabe


Experimental Flutter Investigations of an Annular Compressor Cascade:

Influence of Reduced Frequency on Stability 77

Joachim Belz and Holger Hennings

Part II Forced Response

Unsteady Gust Response in the Frequency Domain 95

  1. Filippone

Axial Turbine Blade Vibrations Induced by the Stator Flow 107

  1. B. Schmitz, O. Schäfer, J. Szwedowicz, T. Secall-Wimmel, T. P. Sommer

Mistuning and Coupling Effects in Turbomachinery Bladings 119

Gerhard Kahl

Evaluation of the Principle of Aerodynamic Superposition

in Forced Response Calculations 133

Stefan Schmitt, Dirk Nürnberger, Volker Carstens

Comparison of Models to Predict Low Engine Order Excitation

in a High Pressure Turbine Stage 145

Markus Jöcker, Alexandros Kessar, Torsten H. Fransson, Gerhard Kahl,

Hans-Jürgen Rehder

Experimental Reduction of Transonic Fan Forced Response

by IGV Flow Control 161

Part III Multistage Effects

Unsteady AerodynamicWork on Oscillating Annular Cascades

in Counter Rotation 177

  1. Namba, K. Nanba

Structure of Unsteady Vortical Wakes behind Blades of

Mutual-Moving Rows of an Axial Turbomachine 189

  1. E.Saren, S.A. Smirnov
  2. Todd Bailie, Wing F. Ng,William W. Copenhaver



The Effect of Mach Number on LP TurbineWake-Blade Interaction 203

  1. Vera, H. P. Hodson, R. Vazquez

Multistage Coupling for Unsteady Flows in Turbomachinery 217

Kenneth C. Hall, Kivanc Ekici and Dmytro M. Voytovych

Part IV Aeroacoustics

Passive Noise Control by Vane Lean and Sweep 233

  1. Elhadidi

Interaction of Acoustic and Vortical Disturbances with an Annular Cascade

in a Swirling Flow 247

  1. M. Atassi, A. A. Ali,, O. V. Atassi

Influence of Mutual Circumferential Shift of Stators on the Noise Generated

by System of Rows Stator-Rotor-Stator of the Axial Compressor 261

  1. V. Kovalev, V. E. Saren and R. A. Shipov

A Frequency-domain Solver for the Non-linear Propagation and Radiation

of Fan Noise 275

Cyrille Breard

Part V Flow Instabilities

Analysis of Unsteady Casing Pressure Measurements During

Surge and Rotating Stall 293

  1. J. Anderson (CEng), Dr. N. H. S. Smith (CEng)

Core-Compressor Rotating Stall Simulation with a Multi-Bladerow Model 313

  1. Vahdati, A I Sayma, M Imregun, G. Simpson

Parametric Study of Surface Roughness and Wake Unsteadiness on a Flat Plate

with Large Pressure Gradient 331

  1. F. Zhang, H. P. Hodson


Bypass Flow Pattern Changes at Turbo-Ram Transient Operation

of a Combined Cycle Engine

Shinichi Takata, Toshio Nagashima, Susumu Teramoto, Hidekazu Kodama 345

Experimental Investigation of Wake-Induced Transition in a Highly Loaded

Linear Compressor Cascade 357

Lothar Hilgenfeld and Michael Pfitzner

Experimental Off-Design Investigation of Unsteady Secondary Flow

Phenomena in a Three-Stage Axial Compressor

at 100% Nominal Speed 369

Andreas Bohne, Reinhard Niehuis

Analyses of URANS and LES Capabilities to Predict Vortex Shedding

for Rods and Turbines 381

  1. Ferrand, J. Boudet, J. Caro, S. Aubert, C. Rambeau

Part VI Computational Techniques

Frequency and Time Domain Fluid-Structure Coupling Methods

for Turbomachineries 397

Duc-Minh Tran and Cédric Liauzun

Study of Shock Movement and Unsteady Pressure on 2D Generic Model 409

Davy Allegret-Bourdon, Torsten H. Fransson

Numerical Unsteady Aerodynamics for Turbomachinery Aeroelasticity 423

Anne-Sophie Rougeault-Sens and Alain Dugeai

Development of an Efficient and Robust Linearised

Navier-Stokes Flow Solver 437

Paul Petrie-Repar

Optimized Dual-Time Stepping Technique for Time-Accurate

Navier-Stokes Calculations 449

Mikhail Nyukhtikov, Natalia V. Smelova, Brian E. Mitchell, D. Graham Holmes



Part VII Experimental Unsteady Aerodynamics

Experimental and Numerical Study of Nonlinear Interactions


Olivier Bron, Pascal Ferrand, and Torsten H. Fransson

Interaction Between Shock Waves and Cascaded Blades 483

Measured and Calculated Unsteady Pressure Field in a Vaneless Diffuser

of a Centrifugal Compressor 493

Teemu Turunen-Saaresti, Jaakko Larjola

DPIV Measurements of the FlowField between a Transonic Rotor

and an Upstream Stator 505

Steven E. Gorrell, William W. Copenhaver, Jordi Estevadeordal

Unsteady Pressure Measurement with Correction on Tubing Distortion 521

  1. Yang, D. B. Sims-Williams, and L. He

Part VIII Aerothermodynamics

Unsteady 3D Navier-Stokes Calculation of a Film-Cooled Turbine Stage

with Discrete Cooling Hole 533

  1. Hildebrandt, J. Ettrich, M. Kluge, M. Swoboda, A. Keskin,
  2. Haselbach, H.-P. Schiffer

Analysis of UnsteadyAerothermodynamic Effects in a Turbine-Combustor 551

Horia C. Flitan and Paul G. A. Cizmas, Thomas Lippert

and Dennis Bachovchin, Dave Little

Part IX Rotor Stator Interaction

Stator-Rotor Aeroelastic Interaction for the Turbine Last Stage

in 3D Transonic Flow 569

Romuald Rzadkowski, Vitaly Gnesin, Luba Kolodyazhnaya

Nozzle Flow

Shojiro Kaji, Takahiro Suzuki, Toshinori Watanabe

in Two-Dimensional Transonic


Effects of Stator Clocking in System of Rows Stator-Rotor-Stator

of the Subsonic Axial Compressor 581

  1. M. Savin, V.E. Saren

Rotor-Stator Interaction in a Highly-Loaded, Single-Stage,

Low-Speed Axial Compressor: Unsteady Measurements in the

Rotor Relative Frame 603


Two-Stage Turbine Experimental Investigations of Unsteady

Stator-to-Stator Interaction 615

Jan Krysinski, Robert Antoni Smolny

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